5 Vaping Facts you Need to now

It seems like everywhere, cigarettes are becoming a thing of the past

It seems like everywhere, cigarettes are becoming a thing of the past, a relic of a time when we simply used paper and fire to smoke. But ever since vaping or e-cigarettes entered the scene, many people have been making the transition.

This isn't without controversy, though. A lot of fake news and reports have been made to discourage people from trying vaping, claiming it's even more dangerous than regular cigarettes. So with the arrival of this new vape technology, what are some things you should know about the new smoking trend that's slowly taking over?

It's definitely better for your health than smoking a cigarette

To start off the list, we'll debunk the most frequent claim that vaping is actually more dangerous than smoking a traditional cigarette. This simply is not true; quite the opposite, in fact, with scientists in the UK stating vaping is 95% less harmful.

One of the main reasons for this is that there is no actual smoke in vape technology. With cigarettes, smoke consumption is one of the most damaging factors. The same report states that vaping 'poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking'. Unfortunately, because of the amount of false information online, few people are aware of this.

Vaping is not as addictive as smoking

Cigarette addiction is a real problem that can completely take over someone's life. We all know someone that chain-smokes. Usually, they cannot go short amounts of time without a light and spend large amounts of money to fuel their addiction. Thankfully, vaping has an option to control nicotine levels by selecting what juice you purchase.

The juice and flavors available can even be completely nicotine free; it's all labeled and made clear for the buyer if they wish to have high or low nicotine levels included. So it's up to the consumer to decide or even slowly reduce nicotine levels if they are trying to beat an addiction.

Not as smelly

One of the worst parts for people who smoke cigarettes is the smell of smoke that gets in everything and everywhere. All their clothes, breath, hair, house, car, etc., reek of cigarette smoke and is incredibly annoying to get rid of.

Since vaping does not burn tobacco and instead, what comes out of the vape is a water vapor mixed with the juice's ingredients, it smells a lot better. It does not sit and rest inside our clothes or living space. Rather, it can hardly be noticeable and also smell nice, depending on the flavor you have.  

It does not harm people around you

One of the major campaigns against cigarettes is the harmfulness of second-hand smoke that can cause health problems to the people around you. Of course, it's not fair to put your friends or family who are non-smokers at risk because of your habit, and you don't want to feel guilty every time you light up.

Well, with vaping, there's no current evidence that second-hand vapor is dangerous to others. So this already is a huge plus to many people who enjoy vaping and don't have to worry about their choices affecting others.

It's cost-friendly

With a packet of cigarettes costing $6 minimum, adding all that up for the regular smoker can tally up to between $2000-$5000 dollars a year.

With vaping, depending on the special modifications of the vape pen or the juice flavors purchased, the average cost can be anywhere from $300-$5000. So no matter what your economic situation is, vaping can be affordable to just about anyone.  

What do you think about these facts? Now that you know this information, you can make a healthier choice if you're a smoker.

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