Using E-cigarettes to Stop Smoking

Smoking is often called a 'bad habit'

Smoking is often called a 'bad habit,' something that we should all avoid doing in the best interest of our health. While it was popular once upon a time and even considered cool or stylish since then lost its sex appeal. We no longer live in the age of cowboys and chain-smoking private detectives. In today's world, smoking a cigarette is shown to harm those around you and lower your quality of life.

So how do we get with the times and beat this addiction? The answer could be within the new, alternate e-cigarette technology.

What is a vape or e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes or vapes, commonly referred to as 'vaping', are devices you can smoke that use an electric battery instead of fire and release vapor mixed with a variety of flavors and levels of nicotine. So instead of just using a lighter to light up a cigarette and inhale smoke directly, e-cigarettes take the smoke out of the equation and replace it with heated vapor.

There are a few big differences between the two options, one being the significantly lower amount of chemicals in e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. Although you are still technically smoking something, vaping is the safer option.

How does it help people get off cigarettes?

It's no secret that many people worldwide have successfully quit smoking thanks to transitioning to e-cigarettes. But if it's all still considered smoking, how exactly does that work?

As mentioned above, e-cigarettes give the user an option to choose the level of nicotine they want in their vape juice. So if someone who is addicted to nicotine switches to vaping and slowly reduces the nicotine levels in their vape juice, they can gradually overcome their addiction.

Vape juice, or 'e-liquid' as it's also called, comes in many different flavors and nicotine levels, even with a zero-nicotine option. This factor alone makes it a great choice over a nicotine patch for a higher chance of success.

How do I get started?

Seeing all the small devices and options available can be overwhelming for some, especially when smoking regular cigarettes is as simple as buying a pack. But don't freak out because it's a lot easier than it looks, and there are options for all preferences.

For those who like the size and feel of a cigarette, there are 'cigalikes', 'vape pens,' and 'pod systems,' which are usually relatively thin, compact, and have that tube shape.

Modifications are available for more battery, juice, power, etc. These modifications can be a bit bulkier but are worth it for the regular user. Most e-cigarettes come with a rechargeable battery and can be refilled, so you won't have to replace them constantly.  

Is it safe overall?

A wide range of questions has been asked regarding this new e-cigarette trend. Everything from 'will they explode in my face?' to 'does it cause secondhand smoke?' Although research is ongoing, many of the myths regarding vaping have been shown to be false.

Current research has shown that e-cigarettes are not dangerous to others regarding the secondhand vapor they produce. If misused greatly, they may malfunction and short circuit, but the chances of exploding are incredibly slim.

Lastly, the great difference in chemicals and the fact that there is no carbon monoxide included makes vaping the safer option overall for those who want to explore this new method for coming off addiction.  

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